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Maintenance Friendly – All hoists require some maintenance but Demag has made it easier. Long design life, easy access to serviceable components and innovative features all add up to reduced maintenance and increased production time.

  • The DC1, DC2, and DC5 models are all reeved 1/1, this increases the life span of the chain and the duration of time between scheduled maintenance.
  • Many of the replacement parts are of a modular design which, minimizes the time to repair the hoist. Thus, drives the replacement of all of the affected parts increasing the reliability.
  • The hoist is designed with a maintenance panel providing your service personnel easy access to the chain set, quick-disconnects, and adjustable pendant cable.
  • Demag centrally locates all the mechanical components behind one panel and the electrical components behind another IP55 (outdoor rated) enclosure.
  • The operational and fault code display provides valuable service
    data for planning maintenance around your production schedule.
  • Demag's unique operational and fault code display reduces your production down time by identifying the source of the problem.
Simple Pendant Installation
Simple Service Access
Diagnostic Service Data